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Volunteer of the Month

    Suzette Yvonne Brackett is our volunteer of the month. Suzette is a native Californian, born in San Francisco. She and her husband, Randall moved to Santa Cruz eight years ago when they married.

    Suzette is the mom of two and grandmother to nine. She found Grey Bears a couple of years ago when she and her husband became unemployed and decided not to depend on government assistance. Desperation set in and a lot of praying went on. That’s when she discovered Grey Bears Brown Bag Program.

    Suzette signed up to volunteer in food quality control four mornings a week. Later, she became a brown bag delivery driver, including dropping off goodies on Wednesdays for ‘Meals on Wheels’ at the senior center in Scotts Valley.

    Suzette also volunteers at Grey Bears events, including the Christmas Dinner and upcoming Harvest Picnic barbecue coming up on Tuesday, September 25th. This summer she found a job as a part-time caregiver, so she is helping at Grey Bears two days a week and continues with deliveries. Thank you, Suzette for your volunteering efforts and caring for the Brown Bag Program.