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Latest program updates

    Huge thanks to everyone who volunteered for and attended this year’s Harvest Festival, and to all of the donors and bidders in the online auction!

    Sign up for the Healthy Food Program and receive a weekly bag of groceries delivered to a site near where you live or to your doorstep in Santa Cruz County. You’re also invited to join us for lunch every weekday at 11:30, or shop for groceries at 11am – bring your own reusable bag! You can also sign up in person at our administrative offices,  2815 Chanticleer Ave (1st driveway on the right immediately past Sutter), or you can park there and walk to the main campus. Contact Sharon for info or call 831-479-1055 ext. 223. We also need volunteers to help fill and deliver groceries.

    Shop terrific values in the Thrift Store, Computer Electronics and Bookstore, open every day, Mon-Sun 9am-3:30pm, including special 50%-off sale items and $10 bag sales of clothes and books.

    Drop off your separated recycling materials at one of Grey Bears 3 recycling centers to ensure all of it is recycled – including CRV plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers (redeem your CRV containers for store/cash vouchers at the Ben Lomond center). You can also recycle your old electronics (computers, cell phones, TVs/monitors, amplifiers, etc.), Styrofoam (rigid PS #6) and more at our Chanticleer center.

    Volunteer at Grey Bears! Choose from 20 volunteer opportunities. Click here to complete the simple application or contact Rosie, 831-479-1055 ext 226.

    Suzi Mahler offers 4 weekly chair yoga classes, including one in-person at Grey Bears on Friday mornings at 9:30.  For the live class, pre-registration by emailing Suzi, full COVID vaccination required. All of Suzi’s classes are offered via Zoom on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 9:30am, and Wednesdays at 10:30am – email Suzi for Zoom link.

    Check out our other classes including Spanish on Wednesdays at 12-noon, women’s support groups, and one-on-one tech help by appointment. Email Sharon for more info or call 831-479-1055 ext 223.