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Repair Cafe/Fixit Clinic at Grey Bears

    Join us at our next Repair Cafe/Fixit Clinic on Saturday, October 22, 2022, 10am-1pm. Bring in your non-working household/kitchen item and receive help from fixit coaches. You are invited to actively participate in the discovery, troubleshooting and repair of your item so that you may leave fully empowered to share your new-found confidence and insight with your friends, neighbors, and the community at large. Guided disassembly, diagnose the problem, and hopefully leave with a working item. No item to repair? Come to watch and learn, and enjoy food and refreshments!

    While repair is not assured, we have a pretty solid track record. However, any specific item can have issues that make it unrepairable or can even exacerbate the problem during our attempts to repair it.

    Here’s an early article about local fix-it clinics from the San Jose Mercury News.