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Capitola Residents, Lend Your Voice!

    On Thursday, May 31 at 6pm, the Capitola City Council will decide whether to cut all funding for community service programs in the coming year’s budget – including Grey Bears. This would mean drastic cutbacks on essential services received by hundreds of Capitola residents – food, transportation and in-home support.

    Please show your support for Grey Bears and other community programs by calling Capitola City Council members and coming to the Council meeting on March 31.

    Let them know:

    “We need to count on you to support essential community service funding. Grey Bears provides brown bags of groceries to 320 Capitola seniors every week. In these challenging economic times we need them now more than ever.”

    Feel free to add other personal experiences about how Grey Bears is important to you or your family.

    Who to call (prioritized list):

    Mike Termini, 476-6206
    Dennis Norton, 476-2616
    Kirby Nicol, 475-5729
    Stephanie Harlan, 475-7184
    Sam Storey, 239-9396