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2022 California Recycling Legislation

    This year, several new bills making their way through the California legislature are designed to fight pollution and promote waste reduction. Grey Bears is working with Senator John Laird on the first bill, SB 895, that will enable Grey Bears to provide CRV buyback to residents at our Chanticleer recycling center.

    SB 895 (S.Laird) – Nonprofit convenience zone recycler – Senate EQ (passed)

    This bill revises criteria for a nonprofit convenience zone recycler by deleting the requirement that the recycling center operate in the same location for a period of not less than 5 years and allowing the recycling center to be located within 2 miles, rather than one mile, of a supermarket that is in an exempt convenience zone.

    AB 1857 (C.Garcia) Waste Incineration ReformAssembly Appropriations
    This bill discourages trash incineration by ending the practice of defining trash incineration as “recycling” and rightly redefines incineration as disposal. It also invests in zero-waste strategies, focused in nearby communities most impacted by incinerators.

    AB 1985 (R.Rivas)Assembly Appropriations
    AB 1985 will help local governments in reaching organic waste goals by providing a way to connect with local farmers and community members in need of organic waste products.

    AB 1953 (Maienschein) Install Refillable Water Bottle Stations in Public PlacesAssembly ESTM – 4/5

    This bill makes drinking water access easier and would reduce demand for single-use plastic water bottles. It requires refillable water bottle stations and drinking fountains in public areas like transit stations and publicly owned buildings.

    SB 1046 (Eggman & Gonzalez) Ban Noncompostable Plastic Bags Senate EQ
    SB 1046 would prohibit the distribution of plastic pre-checkout produce bags unless they are reusable, recyclable or compostable.

    SB 983 (Eggman) Right to Repair Sen EQ/Asm ESTM 4/5 and NR

    This bill makes it easier for consumers and independent service dealers to order parts, tools, and instructions from electronics and appliance manufacturers.

    SB 1215/AB 2440 (Newman & Irwin) Battery EPRAssembly ESTM Committee – Not heard
    This bill would make the recycling of rechargeable batteries and battery-embedded products like mobile phones, earbuds, and smartwatches easier and would improve recycling rates of these products because there are few systems in place that make it easy for consumers to dispose of them the proper way.

    AB 2026 (Friedman) Shift to sustainable e-commerce packaging – Assembly Judiciary
    Requires companies to shift to e-commerce packaging that is reusable or recyclable/compostable and accepted in curbside bins and away from plastic mailing envelopes, bubble wrap, air pillows, and expanded polystyrene.

    AB 1690 (L. Rivas) Stop cigarette and vaping waste – Assembly Health – April 5
    Ends the sale of single-use vapes, cigarette filters, and plastic cigar filters. Unfiltered cigarettes and reusable e-cigarettes may continue to be sold.

    AB 2784 (Ting) Use more recycled plastic content – Assembly Natural Resources
    Expands plastic straws upon request law to include other single-use food accessories, other food facilities, and third party delivery platforms – including food that is taken away, delivered, or served on-site.

    AB 1724 (Stone) Keep microfibers out of water supplies – Assembly Health – April 5
    Requires that all washing machines sold new in California or state-owned washing machines to contain a microfiber filtration system to stop plastic clothing fibers from entering wastewater. 

    SB 1256 (Wieckowski)Stop single-use propane canister waste – Senate EQ – 3/28 Ends the sale of disposable 1 lb propane canisters (typically used with camping stoves) since refillable options are readily available.

    AB 2208 (Kalra) Reduce waste from toxic mercury lamps – Assembly ESTM – April 5 Ends the sale of mercury-containing fluorescent lamps (lightbulbs). Mercury is difficult to dispose of and becomes toxic and hazardous to humans and wildlife.  

    AB 2779 (Irwin) Bottle Bill for wine and distilled spirits – Assembly NR Prohibits the sale or distribution of products containing intentionally added microplastics, such as cosmetics products, waxes and polishes.